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Attention Parents,

Friday Performance Times & Activities

We have scheduled the following times for performances this Friday to accommodate what we have noticed to be the children’s most active time of the day (after lunches).  We have noticed this week these are the times they are most engaged and excited.  We do hope you are able to attend and I know they are excited to show what they learned this week.

You may check them out after they perform if you like.  If you are unable to check your child out, we will have activities after each performance that they can attend (art and stem). We apologize for any inconvenience on scheduling times; however, we felt that it is a really long day for the little ones and starting later would be more difficult for them. Each performance is scheduled to be between 35-45 minutes with time to chance between groups. (performances may run over, so we have alloted time 

Each group will do a run-through of their performance in the morning in order to keep it fresh in their memories because it is a lot to memorize in just 4 days (Especially for the 5-7 age group). We will feed each group around 10:45 and get one more walkthrough before the 5-7 year olds perform. During this performance, the 8-9 year old group will be in another room practicing.  While the 8-9 group is preforming, we will have the 10-14 year old group practicing.  If you have a child in multiple age groups, we will have a holding area for them while their siblings perform due to limited space.  We also ask that we limit seating to 2-3 people per child due to limited space in our drama room.   

Thank you so much for allowing us to work with your child and we look forward to seeing you next year.  

12:00 PM Ages 5, 6, 7

1:00 PM Ages 8 and 9

2:15 PM Ages 10, 11, 12-14

Currently Online Summer Camp Registration is Now Closed.

If you did not register online with your deposit (step 2), their slot for summer was not saved.  It will be 250.00 per child at the door for late registration depending on availabality.

Please brang forms and full payment with you on day one.  

Summer Camp is BACK! June 6-10, 2022. 


STEP 1: Fill our our pre-registration form (this helps us plan our groups)

STEP 2: Please pay your 50.00 Deposit with "Peek Pro" 

  • Deposit Link: Online Depost Closed

No refunds on deposits for they hold a slot for camp which fills up very fast. 

STEP 3: Download Forms to bring with you the first day of camp (MUST HAVE TO COMPLETE REGISTRATION) 


Camp will be held @ OLA High School in Henry County.

Please Make Sure To:

  • Walk your child in to the desk each day.
  • Child must be signed in and out each day.
  • Make sure your child is picked up by 5pm each day (Performance TBA)
  • Dress your child for heavy activity (jumping, running, acting, dancing, ART)